Fort Towson

A Long Walk in the Sun - Photographed by Emily Sims Photography

Fort Towson Historic Site

$7 Adults; $5 Seniors; $4 Children

Donations Accepted and Welcomed

One-half mile East and one mile North of Fort Towson;

Approx. 12 miles East of Hugo



9 - 5 pm

Saturday & Sunday

1 - 5 pm

Closed Holidays

Sunrise on Raymond - Photographed by Emily Sims Photography

Raymond Gary State Park & Lake

1119 OK-209, Fort Towson, OK 74735

(580) 873-2307

Established: 1956 in Gates Creek by Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

named for:

Raymond D. Gary

Former Governor of Oklahoma

Raymond Dancel Gary was an American politician who served as the fifteenth Governor of Oklahoma and the first Governor to be born in Oklahoma since statehood. Born in southern Oklahoma, he became a state senator in 1941 until he assumed the office of governor in 1955.

Wilson HouseImage credit: Choctaw Journeys via

Wilson House

aka Willie W. Wilson House or John P. Myers House

Located on the corner of Cincinnati and Main St.

Wilson House is open for special events throughout the year.

Arrangements to visit may be made through Ray & Kathleen Noble 580-873-2643 or City Hall 580-873-2628

William Ward WilsonImage credit: Choctaw Journeys via

Doaksville Archaeological Site

Open during daylight hours only

Located one mile North on Red Road;

Access to the walking trail is inside the Fort Towson Cemetery

During the Indian Removal in the 1830s, Josiah Doak's 1820s trading post was the destination for Choctaws arriving in their new Indian Territory lands. Doaksville grew into the largest town and commercial center in the Choctaw Nation.

By the late 1830s, wagons on the Fort Towson supply roads and steamboats on the Red River supplied Doaksville with commercial goods and transported agricultural products to market. In the 1840s and 1850s, the town had more than thirty buildings with stores, jail, school, hotel and two newspapers. Doaksville was the Choctaw Nation's capitol by 1850.

Doaksville began to decline with the 1854 abandonment of Fort Towson. On June 23, 1865, the last Confederate General, Stand Watie, surrendered his Indian Brigade to Union forces near Doaksville.

The Oklahoma Historical Society interprest the Doaksville archaeological site. Major archaeological foundations of historic strcutures including wells, jail, store and hotel along with thousands of artifacts. A walking trail loops around the stabilized ruins with signs that tell the history of Doaksville and its citizens.

Hopson Park

Open until Sunset

Maintained by the generous donations of the late Morynne Hopson Motley

Ray and Kathleen Noble - Caretakers580-873-2643
Photography by Emily Sims Photography
Cecil Evan Hopson, American Doughboy StatueFebruary 28, 1899 - January 3, 1946Buried in Fort Towson CemeteryJohn Parsons, SculptorImage credit: Emily Sims Photography

Morynne Hopson Motley

Recognized Honoree of The Dallas Foundation Legacy SocietyNiece of Cecil Evan Hopson, American Doughboy

Fort Towson Museum

Corner of E. 1st St and US 70 across from City Hall

Formerly the "OLD BANK" more details to come

By AppointmentContact Kathleen Noble
Photography by Emily Sims Photography
Cemetery Map.docx

Fort towson cemetery

A Self-Guided Tour

Veteran's locations identified by number

1. Rafe K Kelley

2. Everett L Derryberry

3. Will Stamey

4. John Y Snead

5. Mancel C White

6. Willie J White

7. Artie Groves

8. James N Tabor

9. Ben F Cline

10. Thomas Leroy Groves

11. Cecil E. Hopson

12. Earl Anderson

13. John E Hamilton

14. Edward A Gardner

15. Stephen Anderson

16. John W Adams

17. Harvey Lee Pike

18. John Paul Moore

19.Bill Thomas

20. Ores E Ozbun

21. Daniel J Patrick

22. John W Tabor

23. Luther B Ridenour

24. William A Brown

25. Robert E Parker

26. James M Maddux

27. Samuel L McCullough

27. Samuel L McCullough

28. Robert L Davis

29. Robert E Melton

30. Claude Milton Windham

31. William Jones

32. Elige Gregg Maeger

33. George W Hutchings

34. Roy Thomas

35. Chester C Brown

36. James E Loar

37. Clarence W Key

38. David D Wolfe

39. Floyd F Davidson

40. Haney Wilson

41. Bryan Thompson

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Senior Citizens Museum